What is climate change?
It is a change in the climate system which is caused by significant changes in the concentration of greenhouse gases as a consequence of human activities and which is in addition to natural climate has been observed during a considerable period of time.

What is Climate change Mitigation?
Mitigation refers to efforts, strategies, programmes or policies that seek to prevent or slow down the increase of atmospheric Green House Gases (GHG) concentrations by limiting current and future emissions, and enhancing potential sinks for GHGs.

What is Climate change Adaptation?
Adaptation refers to the human adjustment (s) in natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climatic stimuli or their effects, which moderate harm or exploit beneficial opportunities.

What is Climate Finance?
There is no globally agreed definition of CF. The CGIP has used climate finance to mean all finances agreed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and all finances at the national level spent towards a mitigation of and or adaptation to the effects of climate change.

What is Climate Finance Governance?
Climate Governance is the management of all the issues to do with institutions, funding bodies, mutual principles, safeguards and shared values in projects and schemes designed to combat the effects of climate change.

This includes the decision-making process for the generation, management, use and delivery of climate financing, the building of new low-carbon and climate-proofing infrastructure and the stewardship of forests among others.

Where does Climate Finance come from, and who oversees it?
Climate financing comes from many sources including governments, bilateral support, multilateral organizations, development agencies and private sector financing. It also comes through carbon markets that allocate sellable credits to projects or strategies that result in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.