The Climate Governance Network (CGN)

TI-Kenya in partnership with stakeholders in climate change issues formed a Climate Governance Network which facilitates shared-learning, information exchange, and cooperative climate finance governance (CFG) advocacy and research actions on climate finance governance.

Climate Governance Network Membership

Climate Governance Network membership is open to individuals and organizations working and advocating for effectiveness of climate finances in Kenya.

Membership is free.

To join the network, you can download the application form at the website:
Or join by visiting:

E-Learning Course

Three lessons have been designed with a broad audience in mind including civil society, public sector actors, private sector actors and donors.

Participants are provided with the opportunity to learn through various experiences: absorb (read); do (activity); interact (socialise); and reflect (relate to one’s own reality).

The lessons include:

1. Introduction to Climate Finance Governance:
This introductory lesson focuses on climate finance.
What is climate finance?
Why do we need it?
Where does it come from?
Who distributes it?
How is it used?

2. Climate Finance – Corruption and Solutions:
This lesson focuses on corruption and solutions.
What is corruption?
How might it look in a climate finance context?
What can be done to tackle it?

3. Building integrity in Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+):
This lesson focuses on specific corruption challenges and solutions for REDD+.
What aspects of REDD+ make it vulnerable to corruption?
What are the specific risks?
What is already happening to address such risks and what more can be done?
What role can you play to ensure REDD+corruption risks are tackled?

To register for one or more of the lessons in this course,
please visit
There you will be able to create an account and will be given further instructions about how to register.